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Celebrating over 150 Years of Brewing Excellence!

Kingfisher's heritage started with five small breweries in South India, the oldest of which, Castle Breweries dated back to 1857. Then in 1915, Thomas Leishman, a Scotsman, combined these breweries to form United Breweries Ltd.

The popularity of their beers soon spread and within a short time, bullock carts carrying huge 'hogsheads' of Kingfisher became a familiar sight in Madras, the Nilgiris and Bangalore, the headquarters of United Breweries Ltd. Almost immediately, the brew from UB became a favorite, especially with the British troops.

So began the history of Beer in India...

Kingfisher, the flagship brand of United Breweries and the best-selling Indian Lager worldwide, is now available in over 55 countries and is exported from the UK to 19 Continental European Markets and Canada and from India to major markets in the Middle East, South East Asia, the Far East and Australasia, and it is also served on board 10 international airlines.

Kingfisher was first imported to the UK and USA markets in the years 1982 and 1983 respectively in the traditional large 650ml bottles. It rapidly gained a foothold in the fast expanding Indian Restaurant markets. In the UK within three years, demand for the brand was so great that production had to be switched to England. Shepherd Neame, Britain's oldest brewer, was selected to brew Kingfisher under licence and to the Indian specification at their brewery in Faversham, Kent. Similarly, demand to launch Kingfisher in the mainstream markets in the USA was so compelling that production had to be switched under license to the state-of-the-art breweries of Mendocino Brewing Company, internationally renowned as a brewer of full-bodied traditional beers and as a pioneer in the American Craft Brewing Renaissance.

Brewing to perfection and a commitment to quality is our obsession and a rich heritage!


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