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A Heritage of Excellence!

The inspiration for the choice of the brand name was certainly influenced by the great numbers of these beautiful and strikingly colored birds which abound in India where over 70 different varieties/species of kingfisher can be found - more than in any other country or continent in the world. Kingfishers are particularly prevalent in Bangalore, the garden city of India, which is also headquarters to The United Breweries Group, brand owners of Kingfisher Premium Lager.

Kingfisher, the bird is known for its keen instinct, and perfect aim. It zeros on its target with unfaltering focus. It is a very vibrantly coloured bird. All of its colours represent energy, youthfulness, enthusiasm, freedom with a touch of formality and discipline. No wonder, that this bird with an eye for right focus and an aim for succeeding in its attempt became the mascot for The Kingfisher brand of Beer from the stables of the UB group.

Kingfisher's award winning flavor and consistent excellence of quality has made Kingfisher one of the largest selling beer brands in the world today.

The new look designed by the UK based packaging specialists, Claessens, is representative of the brand in full flight, in a supportive environment. It reflects the energy, youthfullness and freedom that are characteristic of the brand's target consumer and reiterates its contemporary positioning.

Kingfisher stands for excitement, youth and camaraderie!

"It's flying" and the mood is upbeat - both within the Company and among consumers!

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